ACL Reconstruction Re-injury Prevention Testing Program

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction re-injury prevention testing program (RIPT) is a new initiative that aims to support the wider application of an industry-verified, credible and replicable End of Treatment test for ACL. 


The RIPT is fully funded by ACC and carried out towards the end of a client's rehabilitation and has been designed to reduce the risk of re-rupture following ACL surgery.



• Triggered by referral from surgical specialists. 

• Applied to clients when they and their treatment providers consider their rehabilitation has achieved a suitable level of function to undergo assessment following ACL reconstruction.

• Administered by trained and accredited physiotherapists. 

• Summarised by a Yes/No result to guide participation in sporting, recreational and work activities. 

• Additionally, for patients that are deemed not to be at a standard to return to activity (a No result), the program will give them and their provider guidance on the rehabilitation they need to focus on, to achieve a pass.


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