Mobility Action Programme

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis in your hip or knee?


Willis Street Physiotherapy and HealthFit Collective, with Ministry of Health, have a new proactive service to help you manage your condition by reducing your pain and making you stronger.


What does the Mobility Action Programme (MAP) involve?


  • Detailed physiotherapy assessment
  • Strength and conditioning programme
  • Wellness programme and support to make permanent lifestyle changes to manage your condition long term
  • Whanau, family and friends are encouraged to come along to your appointments to support you through the process
  • Areas the pilot programme is available - Wellington CBD, Porirua, Kilbirnie, Kapiti, and the Newlands/Johnsonville area


How long does the programme take?


The programme is a 12 month programme with most contact in the first 6 – 12 weeks. You will be helped to find activities in your local area, so you can connect with others and keep your programme going. This may include a Green Prescription referral or Arthritis New Zealand support.


How can I get onto this programme and what does it cost?


Your GP will advise you if you are eligible for a fully funded program or partial payment.


Want to know more about OA and how you can manage a healthy lifestyle?


If you would like to know more about living with OA, and managing your condition. Check out our Blog post on OA 

I am a health professional, how do I get more information?


If you are a health professional and you would like more information please email our Business Development Manager and MAP lead, Erin Roxburgh -


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