Gayle Snyders


B.Sc (Physiotherapy), MPNZ, NZRP

Cranio-Sacral therapy (Upledger Institute)

Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute)


Gayle has been practising physiotherapy since 2001. She has worked in Germany in an osteopathic practice and in private practice in South Africa, treating elite athletes, chronic pain sufferers, families and corporate clients. Gayle is a physiotherapy provider for HPSNZ.


Gayle uses a combination of manual therapies, acupuncture and exercise therapies combined with the holistic techniques of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.


Gayle has a special interest in the fields of neurodynamics (the movement of the nervous system) and fascial continuity (the mobility and inter-relatedness of the connective tissue structures of the body). These have a wide range of applications ranging from management/resolution of chronic pain and headaches to conditioning of elite athletes.


You may find that Gayle uses a different approach than you have experienced before from other physiotehrapists.. You will be asked about your current problem, along with a history of your health; which will include aspects of your diet, the function of your digestive system, and the functioning of your nervous system. In addition to conventional physiotherapy assessment techniques and movement tests, Gayle will be looking at the alignment of the fascial system. This is a very gentle process of both looking and gently placing tension on the tissue to see where its movement is restricted. This is done while standing and lying down. Treatment is a combination of standard physiotherapy, motor learning and acupuncture, along with fascial mobility techniques.


Gayle has a keen interest in running and running biomechanics and provides running biomechanics assessments to support runners at any level to reduce their injury risk, return to their sport after injury and improve performance and enjoyment of running.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation combine to genuinely assist babies with colic, cramps and sleep problems. It is also a gentle form of therapy for pregnant women. As a mother of twins Gayle understands the demands of pregnancy and the early months of parenting on the body.


Lifestyle and dietary changes may be recommended to facilitate recovery.


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