Linda Rowney

Sports & Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

Remedial Massage Therapist (MNZ)

BHS Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Dip. HSc. Massage and Clinical Sports Therapy

Dip. HSc. Therapeutic Massage


Over the last 12 years Linda has worked with a wide range of people from infants and mothers, elderly, corporate workers, dancers and musicians, to recreational and professional athletes and national and international sports teams, including the Hurricanes, All Blacks and Black Caps.


Assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction is Linda's particular area of interest and expertise. Her clients are taught the skills necessary to overcome pain and dysfunction through core and stability training, along with stretching and strengthening protocols. These skills are integrated alongside hands on therapy sessions for optimal results.


Linda takes a holistic approach to help clients be more aware of their body in relation to pain, tension or injury. Investigating the cause of dysfunction and assessing the contributing factors Linda will plan a series of treatments to correct postural, biomechanical and stress related issues. Linda enjoys the complexities of working with clients who rely on their bodies’ to perform at their optimal potential, as well as those who need to de-stress and be re-educated in how to better their health and well-being through manual therapy, nutrition and exercise prescription.


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