We offer services to all people including members of our local community, as well as all athletes from elite to weekend enthusiasts. 


Sharing premises with Pacific Radiology (x-rays and ultrasounds), as well as High Performance Sport New Zealand and their state-of-the-art Strength & Rehabilitation Gym, means that WSM has the most up-to-date and modern facilities available in Greater Wellington.


We have a range of professionals who work in an integrated environment to achieve optimal care for our clients. This includes all aspects of injury prevention, assessment and treatment.


The integrated medical health team at WSM include a Sports Physician, Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrist, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologist, Massage Therapist and access to Strength and Conditioning Trainers. Xrays and Ultrasound scans can be undertaken on site by Pacific Radiology with priority status to accelerate diagnosis and appropriate injury management.


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