Mobility Action Programme

Do you suffer from hip or knee pain or stiffness?

Have you changed the way you do things because of hip or knee pain or stiffness?

Have you reduced your walking/ running/ exercise because of hip or knee pain or stiffness?

Are you having difficulty with stairs because of hip or knee pain or stiffness?

Do you have difficulty getting out of a low chair because of hip or knee pain or stiffness?

Our friends at Willis Street Physiotherapy and HealthFit Collective, with Ministry of Health, have a new proactive service called MAP to help you manage your condition by reducing your pain and making you stronger.  


What does the Mobility Action Programme (MAP) involve?


  • Detailed physiotherapy assessment
  • Strength and conditioning programme
  • Wellness programme and support to make permanent lifestyle changes to manage your condition long term including addressing other health issues which may prevent you from exercising
  • Whanau, family and friends are encouraged to come along to your appointments to support you through the process
  • Areas the pilot programme is available - Wellington CBD, Porirua, Kilbirnie, Kapiti, and the Newlands/Johnsonville area
  • How long does the programme take?

The programme is a 12 month programme with most contact in the first 6 – 12 weeks. You will be helped to find activities in your local area, so you can connect with others and keep your programme going. This may include a Green Prescription referral or Arthritis New Zealand support. We need you to be committed to exercising for  longer than 12 months.


How can I get onto this programme and what does it cost?


Your GP will advise you if you are eligible for a fully funded programme. Some people in Wellington will pay a partial payment. Please read the Information Guide and if you feel you meet the criteria then complete the MAP Interested Patient Form. The Fax Referral Form is here too. Take all 3 forms to your GP for them to consider your suitability and complete the referral.

  1. Information Guide

  2. MAP Interested Patient Form

  3. Fax Referral Form

Want to know more about OA and how you can manage a healthy lifestyle?


If you would like to know more about living with OA, and managing your condition. Check out our Barefoot and Soul Blog post on OA. 

I am a health professional, how do I get more information?

Please refer to the information guide

If you would like more information please email


More info on the Mobility Action Plan


Managing Artiritis


Arthritis Management Film from Firetale Films on Vimeo.

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