Our physiotherapy team of Sam Jewel (Team Lead), Campbell MakeaRuth StirlingTim Dovbysh, Shane Finn and Alice Stephens are focused on delivering the provision of quality services to the local and wider community of Wellington and in particular to the sporting and active population. We are experienced in providing these services to all age groups and to all levels of athlete, from the elite, professional athlete through to the weekend warrior or individual wanting to improve their current level of activity.


Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment in order to establish an accurate diagnosis from which an individualised management programme will be formulated. The treatment and rehabilitation may involve postural education, joint and soft tissue mobilisation or an exercise programme to correct any muscle imbalances. The rehabilitation will be devised to optimise recovery from injury and prevent re-injury. The focus for all WSM physiotherapists is to work with the patient to determine appropriate goals and the best way to achieve those goals.


The assessment process may uncover the need for further investigation or a referral to another allied health provider e.g. Sports Doctor or Podiatrist.


The integrated multidisciplinary approach to injury management distinguishes WSM from other practices and expedites the coordinated process between the different health professionals.

The physiotherapy staff are also experienced in injury prevention strategies and in establishing ways to improve and maximise your potential for sport and activities of daily living. You do not need to have an actual injury but may wish to have an assessment to see if there are issues related to you not gaining your full potential – give our staff a call and request a musculoskeletal screen to improve your potential!


NO Referral is required to see our physiotherapy staff and we can see you for both private or ACC related injuries. To make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapy staff, please contact Wellington Sports Medicine on ph. 04 9097609


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