Sports Physician Doctors

The medical discipline of Sports Medicine is a field that covers a wide range of musculoskeletal and medical problems. Sports Physicians are Specialists in the field of Sports and Exercise medicine, recognised by the New Zealand Medical Council, ACC and most insurance companies. This status can only be achieved by obtaining a Fellowship in the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP).


Dr Ruth Highet is the Medical Director at WSM and the Sports Physician.


Dr. Justin Mathews is a Sports Doctor with experience in orthopaedics and a Sports and Exercise Medicine.


WSM’s medical team have skills in dealing with patients of all ages in a wide variety of sports and exercise pursuits. They have experience in dealing with all levels of athlete, from the elite, professional athlete, to the elderly walker, bowler, or weekend warrior!


The WSM Sports Physician / Doctor team are the Preferred Providers for High Performance Sport NZ (HPSNZ), The Haier Pulse Netball team, the Wellington Saints Basketball team, Wellington Secondary School Sport and contract to Wellington Rugby to provide Match Day Doctor coverage.


The team is also available to help with other medical problems including asthma, weight, fatigue etc.


The physician / doctor will undertake a thorough assessment to establish the available options for the management of your condition. This may require  appropriate investigations as well as possibly referring to another allied health professional to guide you through the rehabilitation of your condition.


Patients can see a Sports Doctor without a referral, but require an appropriate referral from another health practitioner (GP, Sports Doctor, Physiotherapist, Medical Specialist or Podiatrist) to see Dr Ruth Highet.


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