ACL Testing Programme

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Re-Injury Prevention Test Continuation (ACL RIPT)



The ACL RIPT involves functional testing of a patient following ACL reconstruction and subsequent rehabilitation to determine if it is safe for the patient to return to sport or particular activities. This test uses a battery of functional tests and outcomes to determine the physical and psychological status of a patient. Specifically, this involves a series of hop tests, a strength test, and a measure of psychological readiness for sport. This testing protocol was developed and implemented into practice by Unisports Orthopaedics Auckland. 


This testing was rolled out by Unisports Orthopaedics and ACC as a year long pilot from April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019. Throughout the year pilot, the cost was fully covered by ACC. Now that the pilot has finished there is now a surcharge of $90 to the patient as there is no longer any current funding to cover the testing. Unisports Orthopaedics Auckland is working with ACC to develop a long term solution and funding plan for the ACL RIPT program.

In the interim Wellington Sports Med is committed to delivering the program to ensure that good outcomes are achieved for ACL patients. The testing procedure, education, report and feedback to the patient will still be delivered to the same high quality.


In the time that the RIPT testing has been delivered at Wellington Sports Med we have found that this testing protocol has helped identify a high number of patients who are still not functionally ready for sport. This has also helped to serve as a useful education tool and sets a clear expectation of the functional requirements for patients and physiotherapists. 

Currently we are able to accept referrals directly from physiotherapists, GPs, surgeons or patients. If you are a therapist, patient or want to learn more about the RIPT program then please click on the link below……