Telehealth for Workplace Services

We are now available online and are excited to be delivering Workshops, Workstation Assessments and Physio Appointments via Telehealth.


See our Workplace Telehealth Services below:

Telehealth (remote) Workstation Assessment

Setting up your workstation at home? We have adapted our usual workstation assessment service to ensure this is available to people remotely, using a secure Telehealth system where one of our workplace rehabilitation physiotherapists can video call the worker and talk them through how to set up their workstation correctly, and give them appropriate advice.


Our assessment generally takes around 30 minutes and includes:

- Job/Task analysis

- Brief assessment of musculoskeletal complaints

- Ergonomic analysis of home workstation setup using video

- Problem solving of any issues and practical recommendations for adjustments to home workstation setup

- Posture education

- Education around microbreaks and regular workstation stretches


A summary is then provided following the assessment and includes:

- Diagrams showing recommended workstation setup

- List of the key recommendations for the individual worker

- Exercises that can be completed at the workstation to minimise discomfort 



The cost of the Telehealth service will be $125 + GST for a consultation lasting around half an hour (our usual cost for our in-person workstation assessments is $250 + GST).


Contact us:

To talk to our team about how this workstation assessment service could support you and your staff, please contact

Telehealth Workshop for Physical Workers

Returning to Physical Work after Lockdown?

This virtual workshop has been designed to help people to safely return to physical work after the Covid-19 lockdown. It runs for one hour and is delivered using Zoom, by our experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapy team.


We know that when we reduce our activity levels, there will be some deconditioning in our muscles. This can happen quicker than you’d expect, so over the period of the lockdown physical workers’ muscles and joints will not be as strong and mobile as they were. This is nothing to worry about, we can use our time at home to prepare our bodies for returning to work and follow some simple directions for safely re-introducing physical tasks.  


The bespoke workshops can be designed to meet your needs.


Examples of what we can include in your workshop:

- Advice around re-conditioning our muscles at home, during lockdown. This includes practical demonstration of strengthening exercises that can be completed at home

- Education around how to safely reintroduce physical work tasks when returning to the workplace. This includes advice on pacing and task modifications

- Targeted education on postures, lifting and handling techniques specific to the participants’ job roles 


Group numbers:

We recommend a maximum of 10 people per workshop. If you have a larger group, we can run multiple workshops for you.



$250 + GST


Contact us for more information

Comfort at Work Telehealth Workshop

Being comfortable at work is an essential part of a worker’s job satisfaction and we want to help you and your employees achieve this during this when working from home.

We are aware that most office workers could be working from home for the foreseeable future. The current environment we are facing is very stressful. These heightened stressors, in combination with working from home within potentially poorly designed or set-up workstations, we predict will lead to an increase in work associated discomfort, pain or injury.

Our Comfort at Work Telehealth workshop is delivered through Zoom by one of our experience Occupational Health Physiotherapists. We aim to provide a customer-focused service that is designed to meet your needs and we can discuss what you would like the service to specifically cover.

Examples of what the workshops usually include:

  • Information on how to self-assess and adjust a workstation, including advice on using items within the home to improve a temporary home workstation
  • Problem solving of some of the key issues people are experiencing with using a home workstation setup
  • Advice and practical tips on posture
  • Education regarding microbreaks and the benefits of keeping active throughout the working hours
  • Demonstration of workplace stretches and electronic handouts for participants with instructions for each exercise 


Group numbers:

We recommend a maximum of 10 people per workshop. If you have a larger group, we can run multiple workshops for you.


$250 + GST


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