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WSM was founded by Dr Ruth Highet, and was integrated into the design of the ASB Wellington Indoor sports stadium (which opened in 2011)  from the outset. 

WSM is now fully owned by Willis Street Physiotherapy, but Dr Highet’s vision for a passionate team of sports and exercise clinicians, working together to achieve the best outcomes for every client who walks through the door, is alive and well, as is our ongoing bond with Dr Highet’s new southern venture, Wanaka Sports Med. WSM is a centre of excellence in sports medicine, but it’s not just a hub for athletes in the region – everyone is welcome here.

Our philosophy and values are aligned to a sport and exercise medicine model, but there is nothing exclusive or mysterious about this; everyone from high performance athletes, through to those who simply want to be able to walk to the beach without pain, can achieve great outcomes by taking the first step and booking an appointment with us.