Bart De Vries

Bart De Vries


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Low back pain diagnosis and treatment

Dry Needling

Workstation Ergonomics


Acute musculoskeletal injury diagnosis

With a special interest in low back pain, Bart graduated from Otago University in 2008 and has worked in private practice and with professional teams and athletes, as well as being an accomplished athlete himself, playing hockey professionally in the Netherlands and once a scratch golfer. 

It was back pain from age 12 that inspired Bart to become a physio and since 2015 he has been on a mission to create preventative solutions to the most common pains we see in the clinic. This led him to designing what professors at UC Berkeley call "the world's healthiest desks" and launching to support people on their back pain recovery journey. Bart has a special interest in low back pain diagnosis, treatment and prevention and loves supporting people with acute and chronic pain to return to the activities they love.