Vanessa Simpson

Vanessa Simpson

Vestibular Physiotherapist

Wellington Sports Med

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Concussion Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Vestibular assessment and treatment

Neurological assessment and treatment

Vanessa is a senior vestibular and neurological physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience. She is the founder of Vertigo Balance Clinic and leader within her profession, highly sought after for her expert skill in vestibular rehabilitation. This includes specialised assessment and treatment of people with vertigo, dizziness, dysequilibrium and balance disorders related to problems in the inner ear and/or brain. 

Vanessa graduated in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Physiotherapy. She has completed internationally recognised competency-based training in vestibular rehabilitation and cervicogenic dizziness to an advanced level. Vanessa regularly teaches vestibular rehabilitation courses for the Australian Physiotherapy Association, private / public hospital groups and physiotherapy clinics. She has also held positions as a university guest lecturer. Vanessa leads a vestibular special interest group across Australia and New Zealand and has practised across a range of public and private settings globally. In addition, Vanessa has extensive expertise across all areas of neurological physiotherapy. 

Vanessa is committed to ongoing education to ensure the best, most contemporary assessment and treatment for her clients.

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